Understand the consequences of underfunded K-12 students

How To Advocate for Changes to School Funding

Who Are Education Advocates?

People are advocates — you, your friends and neighbors. People care, learn, share and take action to create change. Become informed and educate others—talk openly about the issues, ask for change.

The One Goal of Advocacy Is To Influence Every Legislator

We must provide clear direction and majority support to our elected officials to develop the necessary education policy — get to know your legislators, and let them get to know you.

Recent circumstances are rallying Washingtonians. The people of WA are becoming better informed and more vocal over their priorities desired for public education outcomes. Addressing their questions will open many eyes and minds to the urgent need for more consistent, rational and accountable state funding into our public schools.

A well-worn saying is again making the rounds — WA State would continue to have a world-class K-12 education system if community education advocates were as equally passionate as animal-rights supporters, as farsighted as environmental stewards, and as steadfast as sponsors of the right-to-bear arms.  What do you think it takes?

Many organizations provide great guidance on how to advocate, and how to practice effective advocacy. You will find those familiar organizations on the list of advocacy web sites.

Call the Legislative Hotline 1-800-562-6000

Ask the operator to please tell your

Senator and two Representatives that you want them

to support the education reform bills that are currently being considered by the legislature. Thank Legs. for their support!

Grassroots Strive to Inform and Influence

Although school funding is complicated — policies, processes, and regulation are bewilderingly multidimensional — the results of the complex patchwork of funding models do not have to be misunderstood.

· Underfunding is a significant problem, but there are big solutions.

· Well informed advocates are more influential.

· Knowledgeable voters choose and support superior policy.

To learn more, read through this page and the RESOURCES page, and each of the five Core Topics to the left. Why?

How-To Guides

Meeting with Your Legislator: Guide to Advocacy Conversations

How-To Request Your Legislator be Pulled Off the Floor To Meet

How-To Contact Your Local Media with a Press Release

Find Your School District’s Legislative Districts

Advocacy is Easy—Its What You Do Every Day

Who advocates? People do!

¨ Individuals

¨ Local PTA / PTO Units

¨ Local Councils

¨ Community & Trade Associations

¨ Coalitions, Non-profits, For-Profits

Who to advocate to? Within your own normal circles –

¨ your friends and peers

¨ your school and PTA groups

¨ your school board

¨ your district administration

¨ your professional organizations and unions

¨ your local governments and public agencies

¨  editors at newspapers

¨ your Legislative District elected officials — you can do it, they will write back (see resources on this website).

¨ WA State House Representatives—2 per legislative district

¨ WA State Senator—1 per legislative district

Contact or find your legislator 2009 List of WA Legislators & Contact Info + Find Your District (Excel File) — Lists every legislator by Legislative District number, plus school districts and counties .

Find and Contact Your District Legislators – The Advocate’s Full Database  (a large file, slow to load but worth it!)

Candidates elected in 2008 will make a difference


Funding Washington Schools

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Top 8 Actions You Can Do Now

1. Participate in your community’s schools as you are able.

2. Ask clear and collaborative questions of your school staff, district admin, and school board — add to your knowledge and contribute to solutions.

3. Share your concerns and knowledge with neighbors, community members, fellow parents, social organizations, co-workers, and employers.

4. Learn a “1 minute speech” and tell it at every opportunity.

5. Email your legislator on what you know, and ask questions—let them know you are paying attention to what they do with BEF’s work and mandate.

6. Be registered to vote in elections

7. Ask your school board to invite the senator and representatives of uour local legislative districts to a board meeting to share their current work toward education reform.

Get info on registering to vote at

WA Secretary of State

Why Does Public Ed Require Such Grassroots?

Public education can not avoid an ongoing, engaged conversation around its public investment.

Citizens and students in a democracy benefit from an education system sustained with consistent, predictable, transparent and accountable funding. Insuring adequate funding will always require attentive advocacy to update and adapt both our revenue and funding systems.

The roles expected of American public education have expanded over the centuries.

An effective advocate:

· becomes more aware of the problems from underfunding WA State’s school finance system

· recognizes the needs for more consistent, predictable and accountable funding,

· helps fellow parents recognize that the consequences do affect their children, and

· helps your community realize that the underfunding of K-12 public education affects everyone that relies upon the next generation.

Vocal Actions Will Bring Change!

Grassroots advocates are raising an awareness among community members, parents, educators and leaders. There is a growing necessity to embrace an updating of our State’s legal endorsement and funding of public education.

Our communities and voters will need to be well informed to support the difficult choices for how our state revenue funds our K-12 schools to be  prepared for the 21st century.

LEV’s Top 5 Outcomes

The core to funding advocacy are summed up in the 5-part vision from the League of Education Voters:

1. Every child reads by 3rd grade.

2. Excellent teachers in every classroom.

3. Diplomas that prepare kids for college, work and life.

4. Math and science that fuel our economy

5. Stronger expectations and investments for all schools.

Are you hosting a public presentation on Basic Education Funding?

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