Understand the consequences of underfunded K-12 students

Why This Website?

Goals of the Funding Washington Schools Advocates

Schools have to provide the knowledge, skills and abilities

that will help our children achieve their potential.

Washington communities have to provide the expectations and values

that support children to want to succeed in school.

The FWS 2009 Manifesto

The purpose of this website:

· Document school funding inadequacy and inequality of Washington State

· Inform the WA State public of education funding issues

· Mobilize WA State residents to advance legislation every Session: Fully Fund Basic Education.

Goals of the website:

· Explain the principles that govern the use of the federal, state and local funds dedicated for K-12 education.

· Explain that many school funding issues are not within the control of school district officials.

· Provide context for the extent that K-12 funding is inadequate.

Ä Provide a factual basis for all assertions and conclusions drawn regarding the broad impact that inadequate K-12 education funding has on public schools and students.

· Provide tools to inform communities about education funding and engage them in a meaningful discussion.

Ä Encourage self-sufficiency, confidence and credibility in educating an audience about the underfunding crisis.

· Advocate for every child’s education in every WA school district — it is imperative that we highly educate all our children not just for their own well-being, but for the good of our society, economy and democracy.

· Highlight the role of advocacy as an element of parenting, community involvement, and civic opportunity.

Ä Empower parents, staff and all school community members to participate in the legislative process.

Ä Lay groundwork for empowering people to influence future education issues, such as revenue reform.

Ä Ask the audience to take actions – to be aware, to ask questions, to be active, to give more, and to vote – to participate in the solutions.

· Encourage audience members to seek common ground with educational allies such as teachers, district administrators, school unions, business groups, and government officials as various solutions are proposed and discussed.

· Encourage audiences to communicate with legislators and policy committees.

BB and BCS, Jr.

June 2008

Funding Washington Schools

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